Saturday, July 31, 2010

Having the Jaeger Name.

I am always surprised when I google the Jaeger name. Recently when I googled "jaegerlife" (the name of my blog)  something quite different popped up!  This old idiot thought my title  was original!
    I was surprised to see many young people in Sydney Australia misbehaving in different bars across
Australia.  I wish I still looked like these young "Jaeger girls." Unfortunately when I think of "Jaeger" I still think of the fine threads sold across the planet worn by older matronly types and not glassy eyed young lads chugging down licorice flavored cough medicine.
  The Jaeger name has become synonymous with bad behavior. Just recently I heard it used as a verb for the first time.  Last year while celebrating the fourth of July at our beach house in San Diego a policeman on a four wheeler stopped to talk to us. The discussion was about young adults drinking to much on the beach.  The officer explained to my husband and I that the biggest problem on the beach over  the fourth of July weekend was the irreverent young people getting "jaegered up." So there you go folks the Jaeger name is now become a dirty little verb...

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